Student Success

Path to Success

There is more to student success than getting good grades, and succeeding in school involves more than just studying. Having good mental and physical health, being in a supportive learning environment, and staying engaged with coursework are all important, too.

As a parent, supporting your teen's education is as important now as it was when they were younger. Having access to information about useful topics such as personal well-being, student transitions, and the role of technology in the classroom can help you encourage and support your teen, which will help them succeed in the future!



Starting high school is an important stage of life and a time of change. There are many new things to get used to: a new schedule in a new building, often with more students and larger class sizes, and a different type of curriculum. Choosing courses for the first time can seem challenging and confusing, too. The courses teens decide to take now will affect more than their current timetables. Today's courses also affect what they can take next year and further down the road. When it comes to math, students must choose whether to take Academic/University, Applied/College, or Locally Developed Compulsory Credit/Workplace courses. It is important for teens and parents to take these decisions seriously, and discuss which option is best, even if that option changes down the road.

Well Being

Being successful in school, and life in general, involves being mentally and physically healthy, participating in extra curricular and other social activities, and having a good relationship with family, friends and teachers. Teens with strong relationships and a good understanding of their own abilities will be in a better position to reach their full potential and become healthy, happy, and engaged citizens.


Technology is everywhere in our daily lives, and being digitally literate has become an essential life skill. Understanding how to use electronic devices is much more than a fun way to socialize. Today's students in high school and post-secondary programs need technology to access learning tools and other types of information. Using technology has become a necessary part of reading, writing, having access to resources and the world!