Math from the Pros

Math in the Workplace

As you choose your path and consider what to do in the future, it is important to include math in your plans. In fact, a huge number of occupations require math skills. Today's nurses, automotive technicians, artists, plumbers, and pastry chefs are all as likely as accountants and computer programmers to use math in the workplace. There are many jobs and careers to choose from these days, and as the range of opportunities changes and expands, the importance of math keeps expanding, too!

Check out these personal stories about the role math plays in people's jobs. Both up-and-coming and established workers provide insight into career choices and offer heartfelt advice based on their own experiences. Their stories show us that no matter what kind of work they do, or which path took them there, math has been a valuable part of the journey — sometimes in unexpected ways!

Apprentice Chef

Architectural Technologist

Automotive Technician

Baker, Retail Manager

Business Leader, Entrepreneur


Clinical Research Assistant

Family Physician

General Manager (Sports Team)

Mobile/Game Developer

Registered Nurse

Registered Physiotherapist

Social Worker

Technology Development

Traffic Collision Reconstructionist